Diploma in Advanced Textile Studies

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Certificate of Achievement

The purpose of the Certificate of Achievement is to preserve and improve craftsmanship in hand-weaving, tapestry weaving, spinning, natural dyeing and synthetic dyeing and to promote education in such craftsmanship. It aims to provide a structure within which an individual can undertake a programme of study, practice and experimentation, in their own way and in their own time. It is mopen to any member of A GuildAffiliated to the Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers.

The Certificate is offered separately in the four disciplines of weaving, tapestry weaving, spinning and dyeing. It is not advisable to enter for more than one discipline at a time. Approximately two years of part-time study and instruction is needed to cover the work laid down in the syllabus, although you may take longer if you wish. Work is assessed by an assessor in each discipline at the biennial summer school of the Association. After assessment the submissions are put on show until the end of the summer school.

A portfolio of samples is required, clearly labelled and annotated, and should be presented with any relevant notebooks as laid down in the syllabus. Candidates must also design and execute a project piece of their own choice demonstrating as many techniques as they wish. It should be in the form of a finished article such as a rug, a garment, wall hanging, etc. A detailed written description of all stages of the development of the design and execution of the piece and details of all fibres used must be included.

There is a handbook which should be read in conjunction with the syllabus. These documents can be dowloaded and printed in A4 format. For further information and a registration form please email the co-ordinator of the CoA. On registering candidates are supplied with a resource list and a list of mentors who are willing to give advice.

Certificate in Advanced Textile Studies

The Certificate (ATS) in Advanced Textile Studies will be awarded to a candidate whose work has reached a standard of excellence and would normally follow the successful completion of the Certificate of Achievement, or a comparable qualification at the discretion of the Certificate Committee. It is to be awarded in acknowledgement of personal development and study in weaving, spinning or dyeing.

It should be an in depth study showing an ability to plan, co-ordinate and execute a project in a chosen discipline with emphasis on design and originality. The work should show research, sampling of materials,and techniques culminating in a finished piece or pieces as appropriate.

A brief outline of the study to be undertaken should be submitted with the registration form. This is to ensure the feasibility of the project and will be confidential and considered anonymously. The acceptenace of the propose study outline will not necessarily guarantee the awarding of a Certificate (ATS). The Committee should be notified of any modification of the study.

The submission will be judged on the following criteria:

  • The materials must be suitable for the techniques used
  • The finished piece/pieces must show a high degree of skill in the chosen technique
  • The design must show quality, originality and fitness for purpose.
  • The samples must show the development of ideas leading to the final piece/pieces of work. Notes should include details of museum or other relevant visits, a bibliography and photographs and drawings as appropriate.
  • Details should include information about the equipment used, e.g. computer aided design, type of loom, etc.

For further information please email the co-ordinator of the COA.

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