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  National Exhibition 2014

Yarns in the Cathedral

Thursday 15 May - Sunday 1 June

in the
Hostry at Norwich Cathedral and the crypt of Norwich School
(which is in the grounds of the Cathedral)

9.30am - 4.30pm Monday - Saturday, 12 - 3pm Sundays

Latest news!


Timetable for sending in exhibition items and hanging fees

Please do not send cheques in the same parcel as exhibition items

To arrive in the period ...  
Monday 14 April - Saturday 3 MayForm A plus cheques for hanging fees for selected work and for bags to Lynn Bennett. (Form A was sent to Guild secretaries)
Monday 5 May - Saturday 10 MayForm B plus bags for hanging to Marion Baker. (Form B was sent to Guild secretaries)
Monday 5 May - Saturday 10 MayIf applicable, Form C should arrive in a parcel of Selected items only to your Guild's appointed Receiver.

Pease email the Association Secretary for addresses if these are not available. (Form C was sent to those Guild secretaries whose Guild members have had work selected.)

Publicity leaflet now available.

Spaces still available on dyeing workshop and for Kaffe Fassett lecture. Pleaase see leaflet above.

The Diss and District Guild, together with members of other East Anglian guilds are pleased to be hosting the National Exhibition of the Association.

‘The Hostry’ is a purpose-built Education & Visitor Centre linking the Cathedral and cloisters, and opened in 2010. It is on the footprint of the original mediaeval Hostry. There is wheelchair access to this, and a lift to the refectory and lecture room on the upper floor.

Norwich School is an independent school within the close of the Cathedral. The entrance to the crypt is about 2 minutes easy walk away from the Cathedral. There are a very few wide steps to go down, but it is hoped that there may be a stairlift in place by May 2014.
Exhibition Awards
  • The Lylie Smart Award for a weaver of less than three years’ experience
  • Complex Weavers Award, for weaving that is ‘more than plain weave’ - with a year’s free membership of Complex Weavers
  • Spinning Award – with a gift token donated by Handweavers Studio
  • Dyeing Award – for either natural or synthetic dyeing - with a gift token donated by George Weil
  • Braid Society Award – for best use of braids as an embellishment - with a book token donated by The Braid Society
  • On Saturday 24th May there will be a lecture and book-signing by Kaffe Fassett in the Westron Room at the Cathedral. Ticket prices are £18 for Guild members, £25 non-Guild members. Tickets will be available in January 2014. Please see here for details of the lecture and booking information.
  • There will be talks at the Textile Study Centre in Norwich and displays at the Bridewell Museum.
  • On Friday 23 May there will be a dyeing workshop in Norwich tutored by Aviva Leigh: Three dyes (madder, saffron, woad) in one day. Workshop fee is £75. Please see here for details. To book please email and put ‘Aviva Leigh’ the subject box.
  • It is hoped to create a Wall of Wool in the Norwich School crypt gallery. Sources of rare breeds of fleece have been found. The only criteria is that the fibres must have come from an animal living in East Anglia. This allows fibres from animals other than sheep. Please email the Exhibition organiser if you have difficulty getting the fibres. All that is required is that you spin them into a skein large or small which will then be hung in a display.
  • There is hoped to be a display some of the work produced by the East Anglian Guilds. Space is limited, so only one item from each Guild. This can be made by an individual or a group. The item does not have to be specially made for the exhibition, but can be something which the Guild has already shown locally.
  • During the exhibition there will be daily demonstrations of spinning & weaving. A tapestry, based on a stained-glass window, is to be set up for everyone to weave even a small portion throughout the exhibition.
  • On Wednesday 28th May there will be a Family Drop-In & Try Day in the cathedral itself. This is for all visitors, young & older, to try various techniques.
  • There are already have promises for ‘Knitting in the Nave’; Saori Weaving; Extreme knitting; felting; simple braiding; & spindle-spinning; as well as the regular daily weaving & spinning and sheep grazing in the Cathedral grounds.

A timetable of events is available here

Members of Association Guilds will be invited to submit items for the exhibition which will undergo a selection process by a panel of selectors – details of the procedure will be sent to the individual guild secretaries. Items must include at least one element of weaving, spinning and dyeing and it would be quite acceptable to have skeins or balls of handspun yarn, such as fancy or art yarns.

The deadline for submission forms is 10 March.

There will also be a non-selected exhibition of ‘Bags’, all under 8” in any direction.

Every Guild affiliated to the Association is encouraged to submit its members' work.

The description of selected work and unselected work is given below.

Selected work

There will be no set theme. Entries will be by photograph together with a small sample piece of the work, or materials. This way, we feel it will help the selection process for everyone but also means we shall have a ‘feeling piece’ to go alongside the work for visitors to handle. Group entries will be accepted, so if a team, large or small, is working on a tapestry, for example, or a spinner, a weaver or knitter are working together, then their entry(s) will be welcome, too.

Please remember that not more than two entries per person is permitted for selected work, whether from one or more Guilds or as an individual or as a participant in a group or a mixture of any of these.

Forms for Guild members who wish to submit work for selection is available here.

There is a fee of £3 per submission. If you work is selected there will be a further fee for administration costs and return postage.

Submission date for Guilds is on or before 10 March 2014.

Submission is via your Guild. Please do not send individual submissions to the organiser. Your Guild secretary will collect all the entries and send them en bloc with a summary form which can be downloaded here

Unselected work

Guild members will be able to submit an item under the theme of ‘Bags’, all under 8” in any direction (handles can be extra). Everything submitted will be hung together, in a special area for everyone’s enjoyment. It can be spun, woven, dyed, knitted, crochet, felted or any combination of these and perhaps in conjunction with other techniques.

There will be a submission fee of £3 per bag.

An updated submission form for individual bags is available here.

Details of the submission criteria, construction criteria and additional information may be found here

Please note that the "@" symbol has been replaced by " at " in email links.

If you have any queries please email the Exhibition Organiser.


Illustrations are from the 2012 National Exhibition when the theme for unselected items was a piece of work within a 6" ring.

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