Journal Article Index

The Index provides information about articles that have appeared in past editions of the Journal for Weavers Spinners and Dyers.

Sustainability in Textiles pdf20242897Teresinha Roberts
Zero-Waste Weaving202428910Stacey Harvey-Brown
The Wild Flaxen Heart Linen Project202428916Annie Greatorex
Spanish Breeds – Part 2202428920Teresa Cabellos
International Weaving Network202428926
A Journey into Nettle Fabric202428928Iona Hayward
No Waste Spinach202428934Lynda Davies
Dyeing with Woad Seeds202428936Helen Butt
Indi-grow-along in South Yorkshire202428940Marie Johnson
Third EWA Study Tour to Finland May 202320232883Gillian Thomas
Foraging for Colour20232884Deb Bamford, Jane Deane, Susan Dye & Ashley Walker
Spanish Sheep Breeds — Part 1 pdf202328814Teresa Cabellos
Weaving and Wellbeing202328815Lesley Lougher
Understanding Weaving Drafts — Part 3202328824Stacey Harvey-Brown
The Potency of Purple20232876Linda More
Wovember. An Interesting Way to Raise Wool Awareness pdf202328715Teresa Cabellos
Ryijy Weaving202328718Karen Garwood-Young
Understanding Weaving Drafts-Part 120232867Stacey Harvey-Brown
The True Colour of the Cotinus: A gentle way into botanical printing on fabric202328610Elisabeth Viguié-Culshaw
‘There’s a rug in that’ — Exploring Sources of Inspiration202328614Mark Cullen
The Weaving Disc — An exploration of technique. Part 2202328618Susan J Foulkes
Readers’ Showcase: Blood, Sweat and Tears pdf202328622Jo Lilley
Technical Notes: Thoughts on How to Fill a Bobbin202328626Sonya Hammond
Tim Searcy (1938 – 2022): Past Chair and Vice President of the Association202328631
Creating a Dyeing Challenge for the Online Guild20232856Christina Chisholm and Carol Hunter
The Big Stash Spin20232858Beverly Usher
Preparing Longwools for Worsted Spinning Part 2 – Making Roving202328512Amanda Hannaford
Not Just a Weaver202328514Kate Williams
The Weaving Disc — an exploration of history and uses. Part 1202328516Susan J Foulkes
Thinking Aloud – 3D Tapestry Weaving202328519Lindsey Marshall
Readers’ Showcase: Highlighting three pieces from the National Exhibition 2022: Coal, Cotton, Canals pdf202328522Carole Keepax, Jill Riley and Amanda Hannaford
Understanding Weaving Drafts — Part 2202228721Stacey Harvey-Brown
The Experimental Weave Lab20222846Stacey Harvey-Brown
In Search of Brown Cotton202228410Bette Hochberg
Preparing Longwools for Worsted Spinning Part 1 Flick Carding and Combing202228413Amanda Hannaford
Bargello Needlework for a Stool Cover202228414Pene Blogg
Rug Weaving: Lever Action Shaft Switching — Why Bother?202228423Mark Cullen
Tapestry with a Twist202228426Heather Seddon
A Visit to the Gobelin Tapestry Workshop, Moravia202228434Angela Thompson
Readers’ Showcase: Small Weavings pdf202228436Sue Willis, Gwynedd and Abergele Guilds
Shiroishi Shifu – An Important Intangible Cultural Property20222838Eleanor Burkett
Dyeing Experiments Using Hair Dyes pdf202228312Jan Richardson
Two Hundred and Eighty-Three Journals202228314Carolyn Griffiths
The Old Bleach Linen Company’s Technical Innovations and Creative Responses in Ulster’s Interwar Linen Industry202228317Dr Catherine O’Hara
Jamakalam Rug Weaving in India202228320B. Poongodi and G. Ramakrishnan
Stick Spinning Exploration202228322Jinty Knowling Lentier
Khadi – The Weaving Tradition and Movement of Indian Village Craft202228324Subhankar Sengupta
The Spindle: A Practical Project202228328Chloé Thiriet
Remembering Hilary Turner202228331Jennie Parry
Popsicle Swatches – A Conversation Between Heather Galindo, Dyer, and Linda More202228332Linda More