Journal Article Index

The Index provides information about articles that have appeared in past editions of the Journal for Weavers Spinners and Dyers.

Becoming a Dyer Through the Certificate of Achievement20242907Alison Stattersfield
Diane Ashley-Smith, 17 June 1944-12 November 2023202429011
Fear of Cutting pdf202429012Daryl Lancaster
Rag Rugs – A Love Affair202429016Cia Bosanquet
How to Get Down from a Yak202429018Chris Aslan
Remember Pythagoras?202429022Diane Ashley-Smith
The Big O – A 3D Printed Electric Spinning Wheel202429030Gemma Bage
Spindles Part 1202429036Amanda Hannaford
Sustainability in Textiles pdf20242897Teresinha Roberts
Zero-Waste Weaving202428910Stacey Harvey-Brown
The Wild Flaxen Heart Linen Project202428916Annie Greatorex
Spanish Breeds – Part 2202428920Teresa Cabellos
International Weaving Network202428926
A Journey into Nettle Fabric202428928Iona Hayward
No Waste Spinach202428934Lynda Davies
Dyeing with Woad Seeds202428936Helen Butt
Indi-grow-along in South Yorkshire202428940Marie Johnson
Third EWA Study Tour to Finland May 202320232883Gillian Thomas
Foraging for Colour20232884Deb Bamford, Jane Deane, Susan Dye & Ashley Walker
Spanish Sheep Breeds — Part 1 pdf202328814Teresa Cabellos
Weaving and Wellbeing202328815Lesley Lougher
Understanding Weaving Drafts — Part 3202328824Stacey Harvey-Brown
The Potency of Purple20232876Linda More
Wovember. An Interesting Way to Raise Wool Awareness pdf202328715Teresa Cabellos
Ryijy Weaving202328718Karen Garwood-Young
Understanding Weaving Drafts-Part 120232867Stacey Harvey-Brown
The True Colour of the Cotinus: A gentle way into botanical printing on fabric202328610Elisabeth Viguié-Culshaw
‘There’s a rug in that’ — Exploring Sources of Inspiration202328614Mark Cullen
The Weaving Disc — An exploration of technique. Part 2202328618Susan J Foulkes
Readers’ Showcase: Blood, Sweat and Tears pdf202328622Jo Lilley
Technical Notes: Thoughts on How to Fill a Bobbin202328626Sonya Hammond
Tim Searcy (1938 – 2022): Past Chair and Vice President of the Association202328631
Creating a Dyeing Challenge for the Online Guild20232856Christina Chisholm and Carol Hunter
The Big Stash Spin20232858Beverly Usher
Preparing Longwools for Worsted Spinning Part 2 – Making Roving202328512Amanda Hannaford
Not Just a Weaver202328514Kate Williams
The Weaving Disc — an exploration of history and uses. Part 1202328516Susan J Foulkes
Thinking Aloud – 3D Tapestry Weaving202328519Lindsey Marshall
Readers’ Showcase: Highlighting three pieces from the National Exhibition 2022: Coal, Cotton, Canals pdf202328522Carole Keepax, Jill Riley and Amanda Hannaford
Understanding Weaving Drafts — Part 2202228721Stacey Harvey-Brown
The Experimental Weave Lab20222846Stacey Harvey-Brown
In Search of Brown Cotton202228410Bette Hochberg
Preparing Longwools for Worsted Spinning Part 1 Flick Carding and Combing202228413Amanda Hannaford
Bargello Needlework for a Stool Cover202228414Pene Blogg
Rug Weaving: Lever Action Shaft Switching — Why Bother?202228423Mark Cullen
Tapestry with a Twist202228426Heather Seddon
A Visit to the Gobelin Tapestry Workshop, Moravia202228434Angela Thompson
Readers’ Showcase: Small Weavings pdf202228436Sue Willis, Gwynedd and Abergele Guilds
Shiroishi Shifu – An Important Intangible Cultural Property20222838Eleanor Burkett
Dyeing Experiments Using Hair Dyes pdf202228312Jan Richardson