Journal Article Index

The Index provides information about articles that have appeared in past editions of the Journal for Weavers Spinners and Dyers.

Two Hundred and Eighty-Three Journals202228314Carolyn Griffiths
The Old Bleach Linen Company’s Technical Innovations and Creative Responses in Ulster’s Interwar Linen Industry202228317Dr Catherine O’Hara
Jamakalam Rug Weaving in India202228320B. Poongodi and G. Ramakrishnan
Stick Spinning Exploration202228322Jinty Knowling Lentier
Khadi – The Weaving Tradition and Movement of Indian Village Craft202228324Subhankar Sengupta
The Spindle: A Practical Project202228328Chloé Thiriet
Remembering Hilary Turner202228331Jennie Parry
Popsicle Swatches – A Conversation Between Heather Galindo, Dyer, and Linda More202228332Linda More
Warner & Sons and The Warner Textile Archive202228336Jill Riley
Leviathan: The Royal Loom20222828Deborah White
Collective Wisdom on How to Weave with Linen202228212Stacey Harvey-Brown
Flax Turns202228214Christine Borland, Daisy Williamson & Lynne Hocking-Mennie
From Circus Seamstress to Flax Farmer: A Grow-Your-Own-Clothes Adventure pdf202228218Rosie Bristow
Spinning Line Flax202228220Riitta Sinkkonen Davies
Spinning and Weaving Berta’s Flax202228228Cath Snape
Homegrown Homespun – From Field to Fabric202228233Justine Aldersey-Williams
Weaving a Flax Narrative202228240Susie Redman
Anne Lander and The News Sheet of the Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers20222818
Journal Timeline pdf202228110Hilary Miller and Alison Castle
The Versatility of Overshot202228113Stacey Harvey-Brown
Moving with the Times202228118Peter Collingwood
Interview with Paddy Bakker202228121Janet Maher
Madder Myths?202228135Marietta Richardson
Body, Mind and Fibres202228142Alice van Duijnen
Bristol Cloth20212808Babs Behan
No Colour No Contrast202128012Theo Wright
A Natural Dye Adventure202128016Chris Aslan Alexander
Alison Morton 1946 – 2021202128024Jacy Wall
Planning and Making a Picnic Blanket202128025Sonya Hammond
Technical Notes: Spinning Ratios202128030Sonya Hammond
Understanding Colour-and-Weave & Shadow Weave202128032Stacey Harvey-Brown
Grand Textilessss from Small Islands202128036Carol Christiansen
Women’s Woven Voices pdf202128040Brecia Kralovic-Logan
Swedish Wool20212798Josefin Waltin
Dyeing a Colour Wheel Using Acid Dyes: Part Two202127912Linda More
Tablet Woven Maypole-Dancing Robots202127918Dave Griffiths
A Life at the Loom: The Work and Practice of Janet Phillips -Teacher, Weaver, Author, Designer pdf202127922Jo Andrews
A Tale of Two Spinning Wheels: Albert and an Antique202127926Alison Garnett
A Plant of Many Colours202127930Carolyn Griffiths
Knitting Socks With Handspun Yarn202127932Hilary Miller
Technical Notes: Weaving – Sleying Chart for ends per inch and ends per centimetre202127933Stacey Harvey-Brown
Ann Hecht 1929 – 2021202127941Rosalind Lobb, Claude Delmas and Ruth Hecht
Prepare to Dye: A Beginner’s Experience of Acid Dyeing20212788Penny Renn
Dyeing a Colour Wheel Using Acid Dyes202127816Linda More
The Setting Dilemma202127822Lesley Willcock
Weaving in the Netherlands202127824Selma Sindram
Readers Showcase: A Coat from Handspun Yarn202127830Pat Webb
Online Guild Spinning Challenge pdf202127832Cath Snape and Jo Finlow
Mary Keer 1928 – 2020202127844Hilary Miller
The World of Wool in Ireland20212777Sandra King