Journal Article Index

The Index provides information about articles that have appeared in past editions of the Journal for Weavers Spinners and Dyers.

Search for the Origin of the First Knapdale Tartan199015314Sarah Cage
My Rag Jacket199015324Paddy Bakker
Woad199015325Catherine Smith
A clothes peg temple -Technical notes199015331Ernie Henshall
Bradley Inkle looms19891526Lavinia Bradley
The First Certificate of Achievement19891527Mary Barker, Tim Searcy and Gill Darby
Artist in Residence198915210Susan Wright
Faith, Hope and Charity198915211Judith Kirkham
Project in Handspun Linen198915212Penelope Porter
The Sad Tradition198915214Sue Grierson
Flavour of Loughborough198915216Various
Follow the Thread – AGWSD Exhibition 1990198915221Enid Russ
First Conference of the Association of Guilds19891514Elizabeth Heydeman
A Craftsman’s Reminescences19891517Dorothy Wilkinson and Percy Beales
Spinners in Competition19891519Judith Hoad
In search of natural dyes in Zambia198915111Jenny Dean
So you want to buy a spinning wheel198915116Martin Riley
Spinning a Worsted Yarn for Fine Shetland Lace198915120Judith Storey
Colour from the sea2457Frances Gillespie
Art Yarn – How to Make a Bubble-Wrapped Core-Spun Yarn,12Leonor Calaca
A pragmatic Approach to Colour25Norah Ball
Alison Morton 1946 – 2021: Weaver of Linen50Jacy Wall