Journal Article Index

The Index provides information about articles that have appeared in past editions of the Journal for Weavers Spinners and Dyers.

Fleece Washing pdf202027518Cath Snape
Summer School 2021202027521
Acid Dyeing: A Comparative Analysis of Two Techniques202027524Rachael Prest
A (Very) Pragmatic Guide to Yarn Counts for Handweavers202027526Wendy Morris
Readers Showcase: What To Do With Your Dye Samples?202027531Pat Denne
An Interview with Jenny Dean20202747Carolyn Griffiths
Technical Notes: The Technicalities of Twist202027412Sonya Hammond
Exploring Primitive Breeds pdf202027413Judith Edwards and Alice Underwood
From Sheep to Sugar – Wales and the Slave Trade202027417Liz Millman and Prof Chris Evans
A Personal Introduction to Saori Weaving202027420Carolyn Griffiths
Exploring Ice Dyeing202027424Sarah Perkins
Three-Shaft Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom202027428Dinah Clements
A Churchill Fellowship in Tapestry20202737Chrissie Freeth
Natural Dyes from Woody Plants202027310Pat Denne
Readers Showcase: Through the Window – Weaving with Monofilament202027313Jill Riley
The Original Mr Hedgehog202027314Tim Willcocks
Weaving to Wear: Part Two202027318Lesley Willcock
Woad from Seed to Dye pdf202027320Carolyn Griffiths
Guild Highlights202027332
Certificate of Achievement Reports 2019202027340
Archie Brennan 1931 – 2019202027341Joan Baxter
Weaving to Wear: Part One20192727Lesley Willcock
Loom-Controlled 3D Shaping for Garments pdf201927210Stacey Harvey-Brown
Longdraw Spinning for Knitted Garments201927213Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth
What a Challenge!201927216Gillian Eldridge and Jane Mason
Adapting Knitting Patterns for Handspun Yarn201927218Jo Nash
An Eighteenth Century Wardrobe201927220Carolyn Griffiths
Living Colours: Kasane – The Language of Japanese Colour Combinations201927223Carolyn Griffiths
Testing a Recipe for Norwich Red on Wool201927226Marietta Richardson
Readers Showcase: Ringing the Changes201927228Sarah Pape & Alison Castle
A Tribute to Nancy Lee Child201927244Melanie Venes
Spinning with Kevlar20192717Jean Thorn
Woven Shibori with Natural Dyes20192718Catherine Ellis
Theo Moorman Trust for Weavers Grants 2018/2019201927111Jacy Wall
Fibress Choice Today: Semi Synthetics201927114Carol Leonard
Weaving Origami and Abstract Doubleweave – An Interview with Susie Taylor201927116Stacey Harvey-Brown
New Threads: Uncovering the Stories of England’s Weaving Past pdf201927119Hanne Dahl
Woven Gold in Kyoto201927122Carolyn Griffiths
Readers Showcase: Njals Saga201927134Caroline Thomson
Coal, Cotton, Canals201927136Liz Carrington
Innovations in Weave Design20192707Marian Stubenitsky
Rug Weaving201927010Mark Cullen
Record Keeping for Spinners201927013Christina Chisholm
A recipe for ‘Norwich Red’ on Wool201927014Carole Keepax
Designing with Colour201927016Matty Smith
Colour in Practice201927017Cally Booker
Colour Proportion in Design201927018Alison Daykin
Modesty and a Fine Great Wheel pdf201927019Katharine Bagshaw
Time to Dye201927022Christina Chisholm
Readers’ Showcase : Cosmopolitan Cobblestones201927025Janet Phillips