Journal Article Index

The Index provides information about articles that have appeared in past editions of the Journal for Weavers Spinners and Dyers.

Theo Moorman Trust for Weavers Grants 2018/2019201927111Jacy Wall
Fibress Choice Today: Semi Synthetics201927114Carol Leonard
Weaving Origami and Abstract Doubleweave – An Interview with Susie Taylor201927116Stacey Harvey-Brown
New Threads: Uncovering the Stories of England’s Weaving Past pdf201927119Hanne Dahl
Woven Gold in Kyoto201927122Carolyn Griffiths
Readers Showcase: Njals Saga201927134Caroline Thomson
Coal, Cotton, Canals201927136Liz Carrington
Innovations in Weave Design20192707Marian Stubenitsky
Rug Weaving201927010Mark Cullen
Record Keeping for Spinners201927013Christina Chisholm
A recipe for ‘Norwich Red’ on Wool201927014Carole Keepax
Designing with Colour201927016Matty Smith
Colour in Practice201927017Cally Booker
Colour Proportion in Design201927018Alison Daykin
Modesty and a Fine Great Wheel pdf201927019Katharine Bagshaw
Time to Dye201927022Christina Chisholm
Readers’ Showcase : Cosmopolitan Cobblestones201927025Janet Phillips
Unintended consequences of a CoA Journey201927026Chris Pegler
Karume Kasuri Textiles201927028Beryl Cole
Textiles Art Marbling with Plants and Kitchen Waste20192698Aprina Murwanti
Cornish Camels – Spin Local!201926912Amanda Hannaford
What is Jacquard Weaving? pdf201926914Belinda Rose
The Silk Ribbon Weaving Industry in Coventry201926918Rosalind Lobb
A Weave Glossary – Commonly used terms : Looms, Parts and Equipment201926919Jill Riley
Colour and Contrast201926922Theo Wright
Teaching Colour201926923Isabella Whitworth
Colour and Landscape201926924Christina Chisholm
Readers Showcase : The Story of my Taatit Marriage Rug201926928Jessie McCaffery
The Practical Application of Colour Theory to Textilesss Craft20182687Sarah A. Pape
Interview with Naomi Robertson, Tapestry Studio Manager and Master Weaver, Dovecot Studio,201826810Jill Riley
Discovering Textilesss Techniques from Baluchistan,201826814Rosalind Lobb
Dyeing with Knitted Blanks,201826816Debbie Tomkies
Spinning Space Dyed Tops,201826819Amanda Hannaford
Colour in my Work201826822Kate Horner
Designing with Colour for Spinning pdf201826824Jane Deane
Fearless Colour,201826826Angie Parker
Readers Showcase : Fifty Shades of Stash – A Handspun Swagger Coat,201826832Patricia Dyson
Norwich Red – A Lost Recipe for Scarlet on Silk, Wool and Cotton20182679Susan Dye and Hannah Sabberton
A Creative Approach to Colour in Tapestry201826712Michael Crompton
Dyeing Fibress for Fractal Spinning – an Exploration of Colour201826714Rachael Prest
For the Love of Indigo – My Journeys through India Past, Present and Future201826719Jenny Balfour Paul
Colours of the Sun201826726Aviva Leigh
Warp-Faced Rep : Table Runner for a Four-shaft and Eight-shaft loom201826731Rosalie Neilson
The Women of Yap’s Outer Islands : Weaving their Cultural Identity20182667Joyce McClure
A Year’s Weaving – Learning to Weave on Home-Made Looms pdf201826611Coral Newton
A Dyer’s Art : Kumejima tsumugi201826615Alison Mitchell
Tips for Maintaining your Spinning Equipment201826618Christina Chisholm
Armley Mills : A Colourful Past201826620Edna Barker and Barbara Harper
Dog Combs – A Useful Fibress Preparation Tool?201826624Ann Fisher
Interview with Paddy Bakker on her Retrospective Exhibition2018265