Bowland guild

We are a friendly group who are keen to welcome new members of all skill levels. Please do get in touch or come along and visit.

Date Events
04 January 2020 Spin and chat
01 February 2020 Spin and chat plus Candlemas Cake
07 March 2020 Spin and chat
04 April 2020 Long draw spinning with Val Bryant
02 May 2020 Spin and chat
06 June 2020 Eco-dyeing with Elisabeth Culshaw + cake for the Guild birthday
04 July 2020 Fair Isle Knitting and Steeking workshop - Juliet Bernard
01 August 2020 Spin and chat
05 September 2020 Spin and chat
03 October 2020 Christmas decorations workshop (Guild members)
07 November 2020 Annual General Meeting + 'The secret history of spinning and weaving; Folklore, fairytales and everyday magic' talk by Ann-Marie Gallagher
05 December 2020 Xmas lunch and secret Santa