Our Guild was founded in 1951 and we now have over 100 members.

Our aim is to preserve and improve the craftsmanship of weaving, spinning and dyeing for the benefit of the public and the promotion of the public education in these crafts. We also seek to foster a sense of beauty of material, texture, colour and design.

We achieve this through social meetings where we can share and exchange knowledge and skills between our members. We welcome new members whatever level of skill they have and we are happy to help anyone learn how to spin, weave or dye.

Our friendly group meets once a month and we also have a facebook page and chat group for members to share what they are working on and what they have made.

If you are interested in joining our Guild or have any questions, please contact our Secretary.

Date Events
09 October 2021 Social Meeting
13 November 2021 AGM
11 December 2021 Festive Social Meeting
22 January 2022 Social Meeting
12 February 2022 Skills Day - Spinning and Dyeing and Chair's Challenge
12 March 2022 Talk: Chris and Emma Stacey, Swallerton Gate Rare Breeds Farm on Dartmoor
09 April 2022 Social Meeting
24 April 2022 Wonderwool
14 May 2022 Social Meeting
11 June 2022 Social Meeting
09 July 2022 Social Meeting and Fleece & Fibre Day - sales of local fleeces and fibres
26 August 2022 Guild Exhibition at Buckfast Abbey in Buckfast, Devon
10 September 2022 Talk: Yuli Somme from Bellacouche
08 October 2021 Social Meeting
13 November 2022 Annual General Meeting followed by Member Sales Day
11 December 2022 Festive Social Gathering