We are a group of spinners, weavers and dyers ( with lots of other crafts too); passionate about everything fibre-related. All potential members made welcome. Come along and see what we do, email the secretary if you want any further details.

Date Events
10 February 2020 free & easy (focus on spinning techniques)
09 March 2020 beginner's lace
06 April 2020 weaving techniques (finishing)
11 May 2020 dorset buttons
08 June 2020 free & easy (focus on plying techniques)
27 June 2020 Demonstrating at Fylde Vintage Show (all weekend)
13 July 2020 GrEcc show and tell, and finishing our entries for the show
18 July 2020 Demonstrating at Great Eccleston Show (all weekend)
10 August 2020 blending on carders / boards
22 August 2020 Demonstrating in the Rare Breeds Tent at Southport Flower Show (Thurs-Sun)
14 September 2020 Circular weaving (on a embroidery hoop)
12 October 2020 textiles from Peru (lecture)
09 November 2020 AGM then making felted soaps
14 December 2020 Jacob's Join