Kent guild




Meetings location

Challock Village Hall, Blind Lane, Challock, Kent TN25 4AU

Meetings time

Last Saturday of each month
Date Events
27 January 2024 all day: Vic Edwards Day, long draw spinning with Andrew Johnson
24 February 2024 am: Spin, weave and chat, all day demonstration indigo dyeing with Jude Kingshott
30 March 2024 am: AGM pm: Jenny Wakeman, spindle and charka spinning at AGWSD Summer School 2023
27 April 2024 am: Spin, weave and chat pm: Sara Kelly, tapestry weaving in the community
25 May 2024 am: Spin, weave and chat pm: Margo Selby weaver
29 June 2024 am: Spin, weave and chat pm: mini workshops dyeing, knitting
31 July 2024 all day Open Day visitors welcome
26 August 2023 all day: Spinning Bee, indoors/outdoors depending on weather
28 September 2024 am: Spin, weave and chat pm: Janice Lawrence , 'Ancient Peruvian Textiles before the Incas
26 October 2024 Vic Edwards Day, all day braids workshop with Jenny Wakemann and Janet Crowther
25 November 2023 am: Spin and Chat, Contribution lunch, pm: Fashion Show
December no meeting