Date Events
25 January 2020 Meeting: am: Weaving Group meeting pm: Show and Tell Static display, work from projects and workshops
29 February 2020 Meeting: ‘Dabble Day’ Mini Workshops: Funky yarns with Corinne Weaving on a piece of card to make a bag with Annie
28 March 2020 Meeting: am: AGM pm: Speaker Rosemary Stowe 'Wool rugs'
25 April 2020 Meeting: am: Spinners Group meeting pm: Speaker Di Buttenshaw 'Felt'
30 May 2020 Meeting: 11:30 Weaving Group meeting pm: Old knitting patterns, sharing afternoon
27 June 2020 Meeting: 11:15 Spinning Group meeting pm: tba
25 July 2020 Meeting: Guild Open Day and Exhibition
29 August 2020 Meeting: 'Tea Treats'
26 September 2020 Meeting: 11:30: Weaving Group meeting pm: Experience at Summer School 2019 with Sue Nash
31 October 2020 Meeting: Vic Edwards Day All day Jane-Anne Rogers 'Spinning mohair'
28 November 2020 Meeting: Contribution lunch pm: Fashion Show