Norfolk & Suffolk guild

We are a friendly group that includes weavers, spinners and dyers within our membership. We meet monthly and our programme includes talks, workshops and social events. We are currently meeting in person at Broome Village Hall on the third Thursday of every month from 1pm, but look out for our occasional Open Saturdays, where anyone is welcome to come to see what we do.



Meetings location

Broome Village Hall, Sun Road, Broome, Bungay, Suffolk NR35 2RW

Meetings time

3rd Thursday of each month from1:00pm.
Date Events
19 January 2023 Member's table top sale of surplus yarn and equipment. Bring a current project to work on.
11 February 2023 Saturday Weave and Spin Open Day. The first of the year. Spend the day weaving and spinning in friendly company.
16 February 2023 Sue Browne and Christine Wheeler. An open session to talk and share knowledge about yarn counts, sleying and identifying yarns.
16 March 2023 Liz Chester, tapestry weaver. Liz has been a tapestry weaver since 1980 and became a professional weaver in 2007.
20 April 2023 Francis Overy, contemporary textile artist. Francis is a member of TOPstitch, the Norwich Embroiderers' Group.
13 May 2023 Saturday weave and spin open day.
18 May 2023 Brian Collins, photographer. Brian will show us how to photograph our work to its best advantage.
15 June 2023 Members' Social Meeting
16 June 2022 Suffolk Open Studios Earsham Heritage Mill, Earsham, Bungay, NR35 2TQ
20 July 2023 Show and Tell. This is an opportunity for members to share with others any project that they have created or completed so far this year.
12 August 2023 Saturday weave and spin open day.
17 August 2023 Janet Major will demonstrate how to use a pin loom.
21 September 2023 Rachel Wiles mixed media artist. Rachel uses recycled and found items in her art. She will explain her techniques.
14 October 2023 Saturday weave and spin open day
19 October 2023 Annie Nickerson, spinner, weaver and dyer. Annie owns a herd of alpacas and she will be sharing her experience of working with the wool from these lovely creatures.
16 November 2023 Julia Symonds, weaver. Julia will share her experience and skills.
14 December 2023 AGM at 2.00pm. Bring your response to this year's Chair's Challenge, and vote for your favourite piece.