‘Meetings’ take place over the internet via an email list set up in Groups.io. This list is the principal vehicle for the conveyance of news, chat, tips, advice, help, workshop notes, etc. The facilities of Groups.io to upload pictures and files to the list are used to help members share in the display of their work to others and also to pass on technical instructions, etc.
Members are expected to have email and web access.

Date Events
01 January 2020 Workshop: UFOs
01 February 2020 Workshop: Paper making/weaving
01 March 2020 Talk: Saris
16 March 2020 Workshop: Spinning
01 April 2020 Workshop: Spinning (continued)
01 May 2019 Workshop: Knitted gloves
01 June 2019 Workshop: Ec-dyeing/printing
01 July 2020 Workshop: Eco-dyeing/printing (continued)
13 July 2020 Annual General Discussion Week
01 September 2020 Talk: The Langors Textile: an early Medieval masterpiece
14 September 2020 Workshop: iris and echo weaving
01 October 2020 Workshop: Iris and echo weaving (continued)
01 November 2020 Workshop: Collage
01 December 2020 Festive exchange: Stars