We are a friendly group meeting in a modern but cosy village hall that has space for all our activities. Visitors are welcome to come along and find out about us. We have a mix of outside speakers, our own skill shares and working sessions.

Covid-19 Update:  Whilst the pandemic is ongoing and the village hall closed etc we are meeting on Zoom for a natter and catch up on the mornings of our regular meeting dates, first Saturday of each month 10.30-12.00.   June 5th 2021 will be our last Zoom. Then 3 July we are back in the village hall, for a mediaeval dyeing workshop for those members who have booked and otherwise a working session and welcome catch up.

Regular meetings are 10am – 3pm.  For the rest of the year we will do working sessions with skill shares from members – topics are:

Knitting techniques refresher; Spinning on drop spindles; Naalbinding; Spinning foundation certificate highlights (and lowlights).

Dates for topics will depend on availability of members to lead them, so to be decided nearer the time as we go along.

Date Events
02 January 2021
06 February 2021
06 March 2021 Should be our AGM but postponed to May
10 April 2021 NB second Saturday to avoid Easter Saturday the previous weekend
01 May 2021 Rescheduled AGM
05 June 2021 Zoom 10.30-11.50am
03 July 2021 Mediaeval Dyeing with Chris Carr plus working session
07 August 2021 Working session and skill share
04 September 2021 NB we usually meet second Saturday in Sept but not this year . Working session and skill share
02 October 2021 Working session and skill share
06 November 2021 Working session and skill share
04 December 2021 Working session and Christmas Party