Rampton Spinners guild

Rampton Spinners meet 7 times a year for a whole blissful day of spinning.  There is usually someone who can teach beginners the basics, and there is always plenty of friendly encouragement.

As well at most meetings we have a short, optional spinning related activity.

Bring your lunch, and while the pandemic lasts, also bring your drinks and snacks. The hall is roomy and provision has been made to keep you safe. Bring face coverings to allow for closer contact with fellow spinners.

There is a car park adjacent to the hall, but if it is full, please don’t park on the grass or directly in front of the hall.

Date Events
03 July 2021 Meeting outside if weather allows
04 September 2021 Meeting outside if weather allows
06 November 2021 Regular meeting
04 December 2021 Christmas meeting