South Cheshire and Borders WSD guild

We are a friendly group of people with an interest in weaving, spinning and dyeing who live in South Cheshire and bordering counties;  Shropshire and Staffordshire.

We meet once a month, in the evenings, in a lovely modern Community Hall which has a large car park so we can weave and spin together and exchange ideas and information about textiles.  It’s very informal and you don’t even need to actively spin or weave you can come and watch!

The group had its first meeting in October 2021 with 8 people and now we are about 15.

We’ve had one online talk by Isabella Whitworth about dyeing the colour purple with natural dyes which was extremely interesting with the added challenge of a internet connection without broadband!

And we had a stand to promote the group at The Nantwich Show in July 2022 which was fun.

Hopefully we’ll be able to support the National Exhibition in September 2022 at Leigh Spinners Mill.

Do come and join us if you live nearby and find us on Facebook.