We welcome anyone who is interested in fibre crafts. Whether you are highly skilled or a complete novice you will find like-minded friends to share your interest. Please see our website for smaller groups, tuition etc.

Date Events
19 January 2019 AGM, Derbyshire Gritstone Fleece Challenge Results
16 February 2019 Textiles round the World
16 March 2019 Rigid Heddle Weaving
13 April 2019 Getting Better At - Fibre Tests for identification
18 May 2019 Birthday Meeting - Getting Better At Alpaca Fleece and Home Furnishing Challenge
15 June 2019 Natural Dyeing
20 July 2019 Gettin Better At Acid Dyeing and Warp Dyeing
14 September 2019 Wool and Fleece History 2 and Getting Better At Online Resources
21 September 2019 Worldwide Spinning in Public Day at events and venues
19 October 2019 Getting Better At Finishes/Fringes/Tassels
16 November 2019 Getting Better At Blending workshop
13 December 2019 Christmas Evening Celebration