AGWSD news and events

Note that in addition to the Association news, each individual guild has a listing of their own news and events on their AGWSD page and/or their own website which can be accessed from that page.

AGWSD News June 2024

AGWSD News June 2024 The latest news and details of events from the Association and the wider guild community

AGWSD News May 2024

AGWSD News May 2024 The latest information on the AGM, Conference and National Exhibition as well as a focus on the South and South West area.

AGWSD News April 2024

AGWSD News April 2024 The latest round up of news and announcements from the GPC and the member guilds

AGWSD News March 2024

AGWSD News March 2024 The latest news and events from the AGWSD and around the regions

AGWSD News February 2024

AGWSD News February 2024 The latest edition of the AGWSD News brings you up to the minute information on Association events as well as new additions to the Speakers List

AGWSD News January 2024

AGWSD News January 2024 The latest news from your Association and around the regions. This month, more information about the National Exhibition, a reminder of your Area Link Zoom meetings

AGWSD News December 2023

AGWSD News December 2023 The last AGWSD News of 2023 with an update on events in 2024 and beyond.

AGWSD News November 2023

AGWSD News November 2023 The latest news from the Association and around the Guilds with a focus on Wales and Central

AGWSD News October 2023

AGWSD News October 2023 All the latest from the Association with event updates on Conference 2024 and the National Exhibition 2024 as well as news and views from around the

AGWSD News September 2023

AGWSD News September 2023 The latest news from the Association and from around the member Guilds including a Focus On the East and South East Area.