AGWSD news and events

Note that in addition to the Association news, each individual guild has a listing of their own news and events on their AGWSD page and/or their own website which can be accessed from that page.

AGWSD News October 2022

October News The latest round up of news from your Association, including News from the Chair, Meet the GPC, Journal News and upcoming events around the UK

September News

News Sept 22 All the latest from the AGWSD including the South and South West area in focus.

AGWSD News, August 2022

News August 22 All the latest from the Association and the Guilds including the latest on the National Exhibition, Meet the GPC – Chris Knowles and all the usual features.

AGWSD News June 2022

AGWSDNewsJune 2022 All the latest from the Association including an overview of the AGM and Guild Gathering; a wonderful piece from the graduates featured in the showcase and of course,

AGWSD News – May Edition

May News The latest news and reminders for upcoming events as well as a Focus On Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Online Guild

AGWSD News April 2022

AGWSD News April 22 All the latest news from the AGWSD including a ‘Meet the GPC’ featuring our President Jennie Parry

AGWSD News March 2022

All the latest from the Association, the Wales and Central area in focus; as well as upcoming events around the UK and Ireland March News

AGWSD News February 2022

A round-up of news from the Association and the Guilds Features this month include ‘From the Chair’ ‘Meet the GPC’ and ‘Journal News’ Click on the link below AGWSD News

AGWSD News January 2022

Please click the link below to access the January 2022 Association Newsletter AGWSD News January 2022