#271 Autumn 2019

This issue looks at innovations and traditions. Innovative approaches include spinning with synthetic and semi synthetic fibres explored by Jean Thorn and Carol Leonard. Susie Taylor’s innovative approaches to weave structure are revealed by an interview with Stacey Harvey- Brown. Looking back, Hanne Dahl looks at the end of the long history of the woollen industry in Trowbridge, Wiltshire and Carolyn Griffiths visits a very traditional silk weaving workshop in Japan. Bridging the gap is Catherine Ellis’ exploration of new techniques for natural dyeing, which she uses in her woven shibori work. There are a series of short reports by the recipients of grants from the Theo Moorman Weaving Trust, which gives an insight into the way these weavers are taking their work. Reader’s Showcase tells the story of the development of a striking hanging in last year’s National Exhibition in Glasgow: Njál’s Saga, created by Caroline Thomson. And finally, an introduction to Leigh Spinners Mill, the venue for the National Exhibition 2020, which will, no doubt, combine tradition and innovation.


Spinning with KevlarJean Thorn7
Woven Shibori with Natural DyesCatherine Ellis8
Theo Moorman Trust for Weavers Grants 2018/2019Jacy Wall11
Fibress Choice Today: Semi SyntheticsCarol Leonard14
Weaving Origami and Abstract Doubleweave – An Interview with Susie TaylorStacey Harvey-Brown16
New Threads: Uncovering the Stories of England’s Weaving Past pdfHanne Dahl19
Woven Gold in KyotoCarolyn Griffiths22
Readers Showcase: Njals SagaCaroline Thomson34
Coal, Cotton, CanalsLiz Carrington36