#275 Autumn 2020

The Association’s National Exhibition, sadly, will not be happening at Leigh Spinners Mill in Lancashire this autumn, but Dot Seddon has written a fascinating account of her father’s life in a cotton spinning mill in Leigh. It gives an insight into the lives of those who worked in the mills, often from a very young age. In other articles we look at the opportunities for weaving with discarded materials. Sarah Cooke’s work is inspirational and sustainable; I’m keen to try it, as I’m sure others will be. An afternoon to experiment with natural dyes in the New Hampshire countryside was irresistible to Carolyn Griffiths, with some interesting results. If you prefer the more predictable results of synthetic dyes, Rachael Prest looks at how temperature and pH affect the uptake of acid dyes. It helps to explain why synthetic dyeing isn’t always as predictable as we hope. Buying yarns for weaving can be a bit of a nightmare, but Wendy Morris sets out clearly how yarn counts work, to make it easier to order what you want for a specific project. We have two useful pieces for spinners; Katie Weston explains the difference between woollen and worsted spinning, and Cath Snape has assessed several methods of washing fleece and makes recommendations. Karen Garwood Young joined Kent Guild as a child and was mentored by one of its founders, Vic Edwards. Karen and her husband subsequently took over Vic’s loom making business – and still hear about some of those looms today. Finally, we can start thinking about the 2021 Summer School. The Convenor, Christina Chisholm, introduces the range of courses that will be on offer. Start planning now!

Hilary Miller, Chair, Journal Editorial Committee


Technical Notes: Woollen vs. WorstedKatie Weston7
A Barefoot AristocratDot Seddon8
Hawkhurst LoomsKaren Garwood Young11
An Afternoon of DyeingCarolyn Griffiths12
Weaving with WasteSarah Cooke15
Fleece Washing pdfCath Snape18
Summer School 202121
Acid Dyeing: A Comparative Analysis of Two TechniquesRachael Prest24
A (Very) Pragmatic Guide to Yarn Counts for HandweaversWendy Morris26
Readers Showcase: What To Do With Your Dye Samples?Pat Denne31