#265 Spring 2018

Don Porritt, loom-builder, supplier and silversmith is profiled by Pete Leonard and Paddy Bakker, Life President of the Association, is interviewed by Janet Maher on the occasion of her recent retrospective exhibition, Cloth and Clay. Isabella Whitworth describes her amazing chance discovery in an industrial dye manufacturer’s archive – purple threads, stated as having been dyed using shellfish, a process not known to have been carried out since the 15th century. Tamara Poff provides practical advice for successfully combining yarns of different weights on a rigid heddle loom, including a simple cowl for you to weave. Christine Jordan seeks the perfect fleece for Aran knitting, whilst tapestry weavers will take inspiration from Leslie Fox’s art deco design development. The Orkney islands inspire Christina Chisholm to design a silk handspun accent yarn for weaving. Janet Maher, the Foundation Certificate Co-ordinator, details the Spinning syllabus and invites you to hone your skills by signing up.


Interview with Paddy Bakker on her Retrospective Exhibition
Don Porritt – A Life in LoomsPete Leonard7
Tyrian Treasure: A Surprise from the ArchiveIsabella Whitworth10
Varying Yarn Weights in Your Rigid Heddle Warps: Six TipsTamara Poff14
Simple Colourful Three Hills Cowl to WeaveTamara Poff15
The Aran ProjectChristine Jordan16
Readers Showcase: A Lesson in DesignLeslie Fox28
Creating a Yarn from Design InspirationChristina Chisholm30
Foundation Certificates: What Are They?J.S. Maher33