#258 Summer 2016

Theo Wright describes his mathematically based weave project, Permutations; Laura Rosenzweig shares some simple art based ideas for igniting design and colour ideas for weaving, plus the benefits of doing these in the company of like-minded friends; Christina Chisholm explains how she found inspiration in her garden for a beautiful hand spun, dyed and woven silk wrap.
Spinners and upcyclers will find inspiration, and instruction, in Lorna Lindfield’s article The Mother of Invention, for turning waste fabrics into unique and characterful yarns.
Summertime is often the season of travel, Jenny Balfour-Paul offers us some tantalising glimpses into the colourful textile culture of Myanmar. Continuing the travel theme, Catharine Ellis recounts the fascinating story of how a global team came together in the Natural Dye Project to sensitively assist a Guatemalan textile community.
Ruth Winterbottom shares an inspiring personal journey, the one she undertook to discover how she could continue spinning and weaving, despite unexpected disabilities.
The Theo Moorman Trust Award recipients of 2014 explain what their award has meant to them and for their work.


Snapshots from the Land of the Lotus WeaversJenny Balfour-Paul12
The Mother of InventionLorna Lindfield17
Playing with Colour and Design in WeavingLaura Rosenzweig22
The Natural Dye Project: Bringing together a global team pdfCatharine Ellis25
Weaving PermutationsTheo Wright29
Weaving a Path Through LifeRuth Winterbottom35
Top Tip for WarpingChristina Chisholm45