#278 Summer 2021

In this issue we have several practical articles. A new dyer, Penny Renn, writes about taking her first steps with acid dyes, and Linda More follows up with a systematic approach to mixing acid dyes. As someone who usually makes a guess when mixing dyes I welcome this clear guidance, which I will try to follow when I get the time. Lesley Willcock provides a systematic approach to calculating sett for finer yarns. She makes the rather daunting formula more approachable with easy steps (and a calculator to do the hard work). Creativity is to the fore in a report on the Online Guild’s spinning challenge, and in Selma Sidram’s article on contemporary weavers in the Netherlands. Two new graduates, Nancy Frail and Imogen Mills, give us an insight into their work and sources of inspiration in the Graduate Showcase. Pat Webb was inspired by a collection of small amounts of naturally dyed handspun yarn and ended up making a coat – quite an achievement. We also appreciate the life of Mary Keer, one of the
mid-twentieth century cohort of highly experienced weavers who taught the generations that followed with such enthusiasm and skill. Mary was co-convenor of the Summer School in 1973, and researching this from old Journals was fascinating. Jill Riley managed to visit an exciting exhibition of Welsh blankets at Llantarnam Grange between lockdowns and provides a review that will make you wish you had been able to visit too.

The Journal Editorial Committee has embarked on a project to try to bring some of the essential administrative tasks necessary to running the Journal up to date, with the aim of using our volunteers’ time as effectively as possible. We hope this will lead to smoother operations in future.

Hilary Miller, Chair, Journal Editorial Committee


Prepare to Dye: A Beginner’s Experience of Acid DyeingPenny Renn8
Dyeing a Colour Wheel Using Acid DyesLinda More16
The Setting DilemmaLesley Willcock22
Weaving in the NetherlandsSelma Sindram24
Readers Showcase: A Coat from Handspun YarnPat Webb30
Online Guild Spinning Challenge pdfCath Snape and Jo Finlow32
Mary Keer 1928 – 2020Hilary Miller44