#286 Summer 2023

The Journal website has merged with the Association site, and you can now access all the information about the Journal at
www.wsd.org.uk. We have also improved the subscription and purchasing process, which will be easier to use and will also help
the volunteers who manage the Journal.
This issue contains the second part of Susan Foulkes’ fascinating exploration of the weaving disc, and the first of a two-part article on reading weaving drafts by Stacey Harvey-Brown, to help those starting out on a weaving journey. A timely article on botanical printing by Elisabeth Viguié-Culshaw is encouragement to experiment with summer leaves. Jo Lilley, who won the Lylie Smart Trophy for a novice weaver at the National Exhibition, tells us how her Guild members helped her get started, and how she then embarked on an ambitious project. We also have a short appreciation of Tim Searcy, who dedicated much time to supporting the Association, and was one of the initiators of the Certificate of Achievement.
The Association AGM marks changes with three members retiring from JEC, Carolyn Griffths, Sarah Kelly and myself. Carolyn started as Dye Editor and then took on the Advertising Manager role, while Sarah has been Subscriptions Secretary for five years. These roles are demanding and both Carolyn and Sarah managed excellently and also brought a range of very useful skills and experience to the committee. In my time as Chair I have been impressed by the knowledge of committee members and their commitment to the Journal. Members seamlessly adapted to a new way of working when we could not meet and on top of the ‘day job’ have supported a major project to upgrade the website. The Journal timetable can be demanding, but being part of the production process is hugely rewarding – I hope that new volunteers will consider coming forward to help our brilliant journal going forward.

Hilary Miller, Chair, Journal Editorial Committee


Understanding Weaving Drafts-Part 1Stacey Harvey-Brown7
The True Colour of the Cotinus: A gentle way into botanical printing on fabricElisabeth Viguié-Culshaw10
‘There’s a rug in that’ — Exploring Sources of InspirationMark Cullen14
The Weaving Disc — An exploration of technique. Part 2Susan J Foulkes18
Readers’ Showcase: Blood, Sweat and Tears pdfJo Lilley22
Technical Notes: Thoughts on How to Fill a BobbinSonya Hammond26
Tim Searcy (1938 – 2022): Past Chair and Vice President of the Association31