#264 Winter 2017

We start by exploring the traditional natural dyeing practices of Scotland with Carole Keepax. Either natural or synthetic dyes could be used to follow the practical advice from Martin Weatherhead describing how to create interesting effects with warp ikat, on either an inkle or a shaft loom. During a coffee break, we can travel across the Irish sea with Susan Foulkes in her quest to discover the fascinating background to the crios, a traditional woven belt from the Aran Islands. In an informative back-to-basics article, Ann Fisher explains why fleece should always be washed before spinning. Isabella Whitworth adds an interesting twist to natural dyeing with the use of mordant pastes to create her distinctive silk scarves, and Nik Knott describes her experience trialling the Association’s recently launched Foundation Certificate in Spinning.


Colours of Scotland: Dyeing TraditionsCarole Keepax7
Exploring Warp IkatMartin Weatherhead12
The Crios: A Weaver’s QuestSusan J Foulkes17
Wool fleece. To Wash or Not to Wash? That is the Question pdfAnn Fisher22
Readers Showcase: Mordant PastesIsabella Whitworth24
Foundation Certificate in Spinning – A Student’s Perspective!Nik Knott32