#268 Winter 2018

Our Autumn 2018 issue focused on the fascinating subject of colour; we had so much lovely copy to try to squeeze in that it spilled on into this next issue! So we continue to explore colour with a feast of ideas, starting with Sarah Pape’s explanation of how the theory of colour perception explained in her earlier article can be applied to planning our textile projects.
Amanda Hannaford explains how space dyed tops can be spun and plied in many inventive ways, whilst Leonor Calaca works from an individually designed and carded ‘art’ batt; both create lively and interesting core-spun yarns with their different approaches. Dyers will be impressed by Patricia Dyson’s striking but practical Handspun Swagger Coat, using a unique mix of handspun and hand-dyed skeins.
Jill Riley interviews tapestry weaver Naomi Robertson of the Dovecot Studio, and Rosalind Lobb researches the construction of a striking Baluchistan tent hanging. Dyeing knitted blanks to create very individual and colourful projects is easily achievable following step-by-step practical advice from Debbie Tomkies.
In this issue we start a mini-series exploring different, often personal, approaches to colour in the context of textile design, with contributions from talented multi-disciplined practitioners.
Bright colours shone in the hot sun at London Guild’s Natural Dye Demonstration at Southwark Cathedral this summer, whilst at the other end of the UK visitors were enjoying the beautifully-presented National Exhibition in Glasgow. Turn to Guild Highlights and Exhibition Reports for details. And to drop ‘gift hints’, don’t forget our book reviews!


The Practical Application of Colour Theory to Textilesss CraftSarah A. Pape7
Interview with Naomi Robertson, Tapestry Studio Manager and Master Weaver, Dovecot Studio,Jill Riley10
Discovering Textilesss Techniques from Baluchistan,Rosalind Lobb14
Dyeing with Knitted Blanks,Debbie Tomkies16
Spinning Space Dyed Tops,Amanda Hannaford19
Colour in my WorkKate Horner22
Designing with Colour for Spinning pdfJane Deane24
Fearless Colour,Angie Parker26
Readers Showcase : Fifty Shades of Stash – A Handspun Swagger Coat,Patricia Dyson32