Contact from Wales

Hello after the AGM in London,
It was good to meet some members of Guilds yesterday and nice to have company on the train going home!Matters were discussed, choices made and votes counted, all the information will come via Soo so I won’t duplicate it.

In the meeting I had an email asking if there was anyone who would spin some rabbit fur for her, it is a beloved pet, she has a bin liner full, I have asked whether it could be spun with some wool to make it a little easier but not had a reply on that. I don’t know how much she is prepared to pay either but asked her to give it thought. If there is anyone who you think might like to take this further please get in touch with me, thank you.

I look forward to going to WonderWool in a few weeks time, I will come to the stands and say Hello, might mean I don’t spend too much money! I am looking forward to attending the Abergele Friendship Day at Betwys-y- Rhos, on Sunday 14th April please introduce yourself to me.

Warmest Regards Heather Beckett