From the Scotland and Northern Ireland Rep

Dear Guild Secretary
At the recent Association AGM our new President Jennie Parry spoke about her concerns that students at textile and fashion colleges are keen to learn about our craft skills but are often not sure how to go about it.  She is hoping to go to many of the college degree shows and make contact with them but first she needs to know what courses are being run around the country.
I’m sure some of you know what is happening in the colleges near you in more detail than I can find out from their websites.  It may be getting late for her to plan to get to many of this year’s shows but she can get planning for next year.  If you have it, she would like the following information:
College name, address, name of textile tutor, contact details, and, if possible, when the 2019 textile degree shows are.
Any information you have on this, if you send it to me I will collate it and pass it on to Jennie.
Thank you very much.
Best wishes
Barbara Wright